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Little Baby Girl Pranks Her Dad By Pretending She Is Hurt

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This cute baby girl deserves an Oscar Award for her acting chops.

It starts when this little girl named Marchelinha, refuses to let her Dad cut her fingernails.  Whenever her Dad tries to cut her fingernails, she acts like as if her dad is hurting her.

Even when the scissors are still away from her fingertips, she pretends to cry as if hurt.  But she cannot keep her acting for long and bursts out laughing, along with dad.

The video was posted by Pri-Fla-E-Marcelinha Dos Santos Iwama and entitled “Susto no papai. Marcelinha assustando o papai Fla” which translates to “Scare on Dad. Marcelinha scaring Daddy Fla”.

 photo/video: Pri-Fla-E-Marcelinha Dos Santos Iwama/YouTube