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Lost Go-Pro Found In Dessert Holds Spectacular Views Of Outer Space

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What happens to weather balloons when they float up in the sky?  How high can they go?  What is the view from outer space?  Thanks to modern technology, even a group of students can build their own spacecraft and find out themselves.

These students built their own improvised spacecraft using a weather balloon, a Go-Pro camera, a Sony camcorder and a smart phone.  The balloon was attached to a 3D printed box with these gadgets inside.

On June 2013, this makeshift spacecraft was launched 20 miles west of the Grand Canyon.  The students used the GPS on a smartphone to log the location of the spacecraft.  However, after about an hour, they lost communication and never heard anything from the spacecraft.

That is, until two years later.

An Arizona hiker found this amazing footage and tracked the owners using the SIM on the smart phone.

Here’s the full, unbelievable story:

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