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Loving Vincent - The World's First Feature Length Painted Animation

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Vincent Willem Van Gogh sold only one painting during his lifetime, the Red Vineyard.  He never stopped making art and in a span of 10 years, he produced almost 900 paintings. He died when he was only 37.

BreakThru Films and Trademark Films is producing the first fully painted movie featuring the works of Van Gogh entitled "Loving Vincent".  According to creators, "Loving Vincent is an investigation delving into the life and controversial death of Vincent Van Gogh, one of the world's most beloved painters, as told through his paintings and by the characters that inhabit them. The intrigue unfolds through interviews with the characters closest to Vincent and through dramatic reconstructions of the events leading up to his death."

The film is directed by the award winning directors Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman.  Each second in the film is composed of an astonishing 12 oil paintings by more than 100 painters using Van Gogh’s distinctive style.

Watch the trailer below as artists and film makers gives life to the paintings of post-impressionist painter.

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Website: Loving