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Make Time For What You Love

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In our busy life we tend to forget what really makes us happy.  This short film by Cineplex reminds us to make time for what we love.

The film is a story about the friendship between a little girl and her snowman friend. The snowman entertains the little girl with his mini shadow movies using his branch fingers, backyard fences, and the light from the kitchen window.

They have many wonderful times together.  When they with each other, the little girl keeps the snowman inside a refrigerator in her garage. However, as the girl grows older, their relationship fades as she becomes busy with other things, and the snowman spends most of his time locked up in the refrigerator.

One night, when the girl (who has now become a woman) was working late in the office, she remembers her friend.  She goes home and pulls out her snowman friend out of the refrigerator and they share new tales again.

Image & Video: YouTube/Cineplex Movies