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Man Snowboards In Manhattan - With Help From The NYPD

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Snowstorm Jonas dumped record amounts of snow in the east coast which forced Mayor Bill de Blass to shutdown New York City’s streets last Saturday.

But before the Mayor’s order was implemented, film-maker Casey Neistat and his team took advantage of the blizzards to shoot a video showing them skiing and snowboarding on the streets around Time Square.

By attaching a waterski rope at the back of the Jeep, Neistat carves a path around Manhattan and manages to make a curve under the lights of Times Square while holding a Star-Spangled Banner.

Using a flying drone for bird’s-eye view shots and several other cameras including GoPros, his brother Dean Neistat friends Jesse Wellens, and Oscar Boyson were able to film the unique blizzard adventure.

Unexpectedly, the team was asked to pull over by a NYPD officer and he said, “Someone complained about you, so we're going to act like we're talking to you”.

"You guys are awesome," the team’s driver answered.

The video was just uploaded on Jan 24, 2016 on his YouTube channel and it has already been viewed for more than 11 Million times now.

 video: CaseyNeistat/YouTube