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Mascot Challenges Wrong Security Guard For Dance Showdown

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The Houston Astros’s mascot Orbit found out the hard way not to mess with security. Especially with one who can bust a move.

The security men were in a line on the field, facing the crowd, helping to maintain peace and order.

Orbit thought it would be amusing to challenge them to a dance showdown.

He approached the first guard who simply ignored his challenge and laughed at him.

Orbit headed to the next security guy who was also initially as hesitant as the first guy. The security just looked at Orbit and shook his head, as if to say “be careful what you wish for”.

But the stubborn mascot continued to tease him. Finally, with a look of exasperation, the security guy decided to give Orbit a dose of his own medicine.

In front of thousands of fans (and Orbit), the guard shows off his own dance moves.

Watch as this security guy schools the mascot.

video: willman26205/YouTube