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Maybe Only Spiderman Can Live In This Upside-Down House

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In Taipei, Taiwan, hundreds of visitors have visited this new attraction: an upside-down house. The unusually designed house is fast becoming a popular attraction since it was opened to the public.

The three-story house is fully furnished with an inverted real-size table, chairs, tablewares, couch, and even a car that appears parked beneath the ceiling.

Situated in Huashan Creative Park, Taipei, the pastel-painted house measuring 3,230 square feet of floor space provides many opportunities for visitors to take really interesting pictures.

It took two months to construct the house and cost over $600,000. A group of Taiwanese architects built the “gravity-defying” house as part of an exhibition.

One visitor said that being inside the upside-down house feels like being in a movie like The Exorcist or Spiderman.

Sadly, the bizarre house is set to close its doors to the public on July 22, 2016.

 video: ODN/YouTube 

source: Daily Mail UKODN/YouTube