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Meet America's Real "Time Lord"

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Dr. Judah Levine is literally called the nation’s “Time Keeper”. He doesn’t wear a watch because he considers it too compulsive. “It makes you look at the watch all the time and you kind of go a little crazy”, he says. But that is not the case when he is in the office.

Dr. Levine works at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a government agency that maintains America’s standard time. He is in charge of maintaining and disseminating the country’s official time.

When he joined the NIST in 1969, the available timing reference were not accurate. Since many of the significant functions of the nation’s infrastructure need timing accuracy, the NIST Time and Frequency Division of the University of Colorado in Boulder headed by Dr. Levine, created the most accurate time-keeping system in the world: the atomic clocks.

Dr. Levine says, “Atomic clocks provide a very stable time frequency”. Atomic clocks are now being used around the world by telecommunication networks, electric power grids, navigation systems, and financial markets.

So why do televisions, computers, smartphones and any mobile devices have exactly the same time? We can credit Dr. Levine and his colleagues.

Watch the interview below with the “Time Lord” by Great Big Story.

 video: Great Big Story/YouTube 

source: The Washington PostGreat Big Story/YouTube