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Meet "Denny", The Bike Of The Future

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Your ideas about the latest bicycle design and features is about to change radically with this new bike that will come out this year.

Meet the new smart-design bike, Denny - the winner of the annual Bike Design Project contest sponsored by the non-profit organization, Oregon Manifest. The organizers teamed up with bike makers and designers from five cities in the US namely Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago and New York. The project aims to put into reality the competitors’ visions and concepts of the potential bicycles of tomorrow.

Denny earned s the title because of its unique safety features such as smart lighting, safety lock system, and auto electric assistance.

Denny’s handlebar serves as a u-lock system to secure the bike from being stolen. The bike is equipped with safety lights such as break lights, turn signal lights and halo lights, a bright LED light that shines underneath the front shelf, making the bike more visible. It also runs with an automatic shifting gear and electric pedal-assist so hilly roads won’t be a hassle anymore. The lights are powered by battery that is located under the front shelf and is detachable so you will not need to take the bike inside your house for charging.

Teague, a local design firm known for crafted the interiors of Boeing commercial jets and the look of the Microsoft Xbox, and Fremont’s custom bike builder Sizemore Bicycle are behind the creation of Denny.

Bike manufacturer Fiji is the company in charge for mass production. 

 video: TechnologicVehicles/YouTube 

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