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Mishka The Talking Husky Says What She Wants For Dinner

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You’ll be surprised when you hear a baby’s first words but how about when you encounter a talking dog?

Meet Mishka, the Talking Husky, a female Siberian husky that has become an internet sensation. Her owner Matthew Gardea posted a video with her making sounds like “I love you”. It has been viewed almost 100 million times now.

The 13-year old is famous for her “talking” ability and has been featured in various TV talk shows, radio, and TV commercials.

“At first we just howled to get her going, wolf-style. It was a form of communication/bonding between us. Then we noticed after time that she was mimicking us in tone and syllables. We noticed that she was really good at repeating ‘I love you’ and said it to her often. She seems like she is actually expressing affection for us when she says it, odd as that sounds. For years she would say it to us when our friends came over as a party trick, then I decided to put it up on YouTube–and well–the rest is history!” Matthew Gardea says in an interview by Alan Van of New Media Rockstars.

The video posted below is only one of many viral videos of Mishka. Watch and find out what her response is when asked if she wants potatoes.

 video: gardea23/YouTube 

source: New Media Rockstarsgardea23/YouTube