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Monkeys Steal Valuable Things From Tourists For A Good Reason

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Cellphones, cameras, hats, sunglasses are essentials when traveling and tourists are always advised to watch these belongings.  Heed that advice especially when you come across the Uluwat monkeys.

In a segment of BBC “World’s Sneakiest Animals, host Chris Packham goes undercover in Uluwatu, Bali Indonesia to document the pack of monkeys who steal valuable objects from visiting tourists.

In the video, the mischievous monkeys are seen stealing the unsuspecting tourists’s belongings.

They hold these as hostage and the tourists can usually have them the stolen items back in exchange for food.

“The interesting thing is, though, they’re taking all of this stuff which is valuable to us humans, but they’re not taking any food,” Packham said.

The host tries make it easy for anyone to steal his cellphone by making it very visible.  Shortly after, a monkey quickly takes his iPhone away.

But Packham has come prepared as he has different kids of food to offer the monkey.  Find out if any of the food he offers is good enough for the monkey to give his iPhone back.

video: BBC/YouTube 

sources: BBC , Huffingtonpost