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Move Over Kung Fu Panda, Cuz There's A New Kung Fu Master In Town

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A bear in Asa Zoo in Hiroshima, Japan has become the talk of the internet when it was caught doing some sick moves with a stick.

The bear’s name is Claude and ever since he has been in the zoo since 2002, he has been obsessed in playing with a bamboo stick. He has mastered the use of the stick, wielding it like a fighting staff as he spins it around his paws, neck, and shoulders, and even catching it after tossing it in the air.

Many internet users believed the video to be fake, created by some trick editing skills. But it was later revealed that the video is indeed real. Claude has been featured on CNN, CBS, and Telegraph.

Below is the video by Canadian Alex Graham who filmed the talented bear when he visited Asa Zoo.

 video: Alex/YouTube 

source: Wikipedia