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Musician Plays Michael Jackson's Hit "Smooth Criminal" On This Peculiar Instrument

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We have been seen many instrumental cover versions of the renowned King of Pop’s hit “Smooth Criminal”, but this version is one of a kind.

Frenchman musician Patrick Mathis is making a round on the internet after he posted his video playing Michael Jackson’s 1987 hit flawlessly on this unique instrument called a barrel organ.

Also known as a grinder-organ, the barrel organ is a portable mechanical instrument made with bellows and one or more ranks of pipes typically housed in an ornate wood case. The instrument works almost the same as the pipe organ but the barrel organ activates only by spinning the crank or by a clockwork power-driven by weights or springs.

According to 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica posted by Wikisource, the traditional instrument was originated in The Netherlands in the middle of the 15th century.

 video: paapat1447/YouTube 

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