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Norway Town Experiences Artificial Winter Sunlight For The First Time

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When God said, “Let there be light”, this small town in Norway missed it every winter season for at least six months a year.

Rjukan, situated 100 miles west of Oslo, is surrounded by steep mountains that blocks direct sunlight from October to March. This has been the problem of the residents since the place was first inhabited.

“If people get sun, they will be more healthy and they will work better”, a Norwegian who runs a tourist agency said in the interview.

Through the help of modern engineering, authorities have decided to install large mirrors positioned on top of a mountain to reflect the sunlight onto the town square. The mirrors are controlled by a computer to adjust their positions so the sun’s rays can be optimized.

The mirror idea was conceived by Sam Eyde, an engineer and founder of the Rjukan, 100 years ago but has only been made possible through the aid of advance technology.

 video: CBS Evening News /YouTube