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Old Gasoline Station Transformed Into Industrial-Style Home

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Water color artist Robert Guthrie converted a 1918 gasoline station into his dream home.

Robert used to live near the old Sinclair Gas station and had entertained the idea that the place would be perfect for his silk-screen business. He fell in love with it and bought it before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2003.

After buying it, he decided instead it would be his home. Converting it into his home became his biggest project as used his skill as an artist to incorporate car parts, gasoline station paraphernelia, and modern appliances into his unique style.

Inside the house are vintage gas pumps and tanks, auto memorabilia, and equipment from the old gas station. The modern kitchen features car emblems that serve as pulls and handles for the cabinets. The bathroom is decorated with oil cans, vintage signs, and headlights as light holders. The old-hydraulic lift serves as a pillar for the steel staircase.

Watch the video and discover how this century-old filling station transforms into a talented artist’s dream home.

Source: YouTube/CNN Money