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One Little Mistake Can Ruin Everything In This Amazing Marching Show

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Shuudan koudou is a 49-year old tradition of Nippon Sports Science University (NSSU), a university in Japan that promotes improving physical education and creating elite athletes, trainers, and coaches.

Also known as ‘Collective Action’, it is an incredible exhibition of exceptional synchronized walking routines by a group of students. The harmonized marching display is similar to military synchronized marching skills and exercise but it is far more intricate and precise.

With this kind of entertainment, there is no room for a single mistake as it would ruin the whole production. According to Oddity Central, the students have to practice thrice a week for five consecutive months until harmony is perfectly executed.

In the video posted below, a group of men and women put on a highly entertaining show with their precisely and well-coordinated marching skills. The way they create intricate human formations is just simply mind-blowing.

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