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Orangutan Goes Ape Over Amateur Magician's Trick

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This amateur magician adds an orangutan to his list of fans as he shows off a simple trick to the ape.

In a zoo believed to be in Barcelona, Spain, an orangutan was approached by a tourist named Dan Zaleski. Dan shows a polystyrene cup with an unripe chestnut inside, closes the lid, and shakes the cup. The curious ape focuses on the cup as Dan shakes it. Unseen by the ape, Dan for an instant, hides the cup from the ape's view, opens the cup, and throws the nut on the floor.

The magician removes the cup’s lid and shows the ape that the chestnut had disappeared. The orangutan pauses in disbelief before cracking up with his mouth wide open and rolls down the floor.

video: Dan Zaleski/YouTube