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Parkroyal Singapore: Hotel In A Garden

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This lovely building located in central Singapore was designed as a hotel and workplace in a garden. Its curvaceous terraces and balconies are covered with tropical plants and palm trees. In a city with many cutting-edge architecture, Parkroyal manages to stand out with its reflecting pools, planter terraces, waterfalls, and solar powered gardens. The hotel also features rain and motion sensors and rain harvesting.

It was designed by WOHA Architects in 2013. According to their website, this project is “a study of how we can not only conserve our greenery in a built-up high-rise city centre but multiply it in a manner that is architecturally striking, integrated and sustainable. "

This project won numerous awards including Good Design Award, Best of the Year Awards, Design of the Year, and Outstanding Skyrise Greenery Project.

WOHA Architects
Parkroyal Hotels & Resorts