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Penguin Swims Thousands Of Miles Yearly For Reunion With The Man Who Saved His Life

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This South American Magellanic penguin travels 5,000 miles to be with the person who saved his life.

Five years ago, Joao Pereira de Souza, a local fisherman and retired bricklayer who lives in a small island near Rio de Janeiro, was walking along the seashore when he found the little penguin covered with oil and struggling to survive.  Joao cleaned the helpless bird and patiently took off the oil that stuck on his feathers.  To restore the strength of the starving bird, Joao fed it with sardines and helped him recover.

The fisherman named him the penguin Dindim.  After a week, Dindim was nursed back to health and Joao decided to release him into the wild.  But Dindim refused to leave.  He ended up staying with his rescuer for almost a year.  Dindim left unexpectedly one day just after his coat was replaced with new feathers.

Joao thought his feathered friend would not come back anymore but just after a few months, he was surprised to see Dindim return.

Since then, Dindim regularly spends around eight months of the year to be with his human friend.  The bird usually arrives in July and leaves by February.  The bond of Joao and his animal friend has become even stronger.  Joao describes Dindim as very affectionate and becomes jealous when other animals come close to Joao.

“I love the penguin like it’s my own child and I believe the penguin loves me”, Joao told Globo TV.

 video: Wall Street Journal/YouTube

source: Metro UKWall Street Journal