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Plane Bombards Lakes With Thousands Of Fish In Utah

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The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources flies a plane above Utah’s lakes and drops thousands of fish annually. This is to ensure the lakes are filled with Utah’s native fish.

The process starts at the State Hatchery in Kamas, where thousands of fingerlings are raised. Ted Hallows, State Hatchery Supervisor, takes care of the young fish until they are big enough to be released in the wild. Using a plane to restock the lakes is the most effective way because some of the lakes are far and inaccessible by land transportation.

“We’re in charge of coordinating the aerial stock statewide,” Hallows said. “In June and July we aerial stock tiger trout, a lot of brook trout, rainbow trout and splake and then in the fall we put cutthroat trout and arctic grayling in the lakes”, he added.

 photo/video: YouTube/INSIDER

source: FOX 13