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Plane Lands On Busy Intersection During Rush Hour Near Los Angeles. Does Not Run Red Light

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You can call it luck, you can call it skill or maybe it was a little bit of both.

A pilot managed to land a small plane on a busy intersection in Irvine, CA, at the height of rush hour.  The amazing thing too was the plane landed on the street with the green traffic light on.

Moments after take-off, the plane lost power.  The flight instructor took over controls from a student pilot and made an emergency landing on an intersection in Irvine, California near John Wayne Airport.

According to Coast Report Online, Daniel Schrader, OCC dean of Technology said, “During an exercise designed to teach students how to take off and land an aircraft, known as a touch and go exercise, the engine stopped and the instructor was forced to take control of the plane.”

Luckily, no one was hurt and the plane was undamaged.

The bizarre moment was caught on a dash camera and posted by YouTube user CalicoStrike.  The video titled “One small airplane landed on Red Hill Avenue, Irvine this evening” has been viewed more than 1 million since it was posted.

photo/video: CalicoStrike/YouTube