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Quadcopter Drones Build A Rope Bride Without Human Aid

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The rise of the machines is nearing reality.  Robots are considered the best option to replace human labor especially in dangerous areas.

Researchers from Gramazio Kohler Research of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich have built drones that can actually build on an entirely walkable rope bridge on their own.

Each of the quadcopters carries a roll of ropes and flies back and forth in between two scaffoldings.  They encircle and tie the ropes in every section and weave around flawlessly.  The engineers just set up the two scaffoldings structure and the drones do the rest.

The innovative project took place in the ETH Zurich Flying Machine Arena. “The arena is equipped with a motion capture system that provides vehicle position and attitude measurements.  Algorithms are run on a computer and commands are then sent to the fying machines via a customized wireless infrastructure”, YouTube uploader Federico Augugliaro explains as to how the drones work in building the bridge.

photo/video source: Federico Augugliaro/YouTube