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Real-life Thor Asks People To Lift His Hammer

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Based on Norse mythology, fictional character Thor possesses one of the most terrifying weapons, the Mjolnir. This hammer is an extremely powerful weapon capable of flattening mountains.

A Thor’s fan named Allen Pan has created his own real-life Mjolnir and asks random people to lift the hammer in Venice beach. Several bulky guys attempt to try his challenge but one by one, they fail. Just like in the movie “The Avengers”, even a very strong Hulk could not lift the Mjolnir as it is only ordained to Thor. In the same situation, Pan can easily lift his hammer even using one hand.

How does this happen?

Allen built the hammer with a microwave oven transformer electromagnet, with four 12 Volt batteries and a capacitive touch sensor located on the handle. The electromagnet creates an extremely powerful magnetic field when supplied with electricity, enough to firmly hold the hammer in place when positioned on a metal surface. The power will shut down automatically when the sensor recognizes the registered Pan’s fingerprint which allows him to effortlessly lift his real version of Mjolnir.

 video: Sufficiently Advanced/YouTube 

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