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Russia's Bizarre Mini Monster Truck Is All You Need For All-Terrain Adventure

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Monster trucks are primarily designed for sports shows but this mini-monster truck was created more than for entertainment value.

Meet the Russia’s Sherp ATV, a 4x4 truck design that can drive through mud, rivers, snow, and icy lakes because of its enormous tires and pedal-like threads.

The Sherp ATV is an idea by Alexei Garagashyan, a mechanic from Saint Petersburg whose passion revolves around outfitting vehicles with some outrageous features.

This tough truck measures 11 feet long and can climb over a 27.5 inches obstacle. The 2,866 pound truck is powered by an indestructible diesel 15.3 gallon, 44 horsepower engine by Kubota. Its top speed on land is 27.9 mph and 3.7 mph on water.

The two-seater truck is also equipped with a water heater, halogen headlights, analog devices and display, and a device that instantly drains water inside the ATV when submerged.

You can own the standard model of amphibious vehicle for $65,000, which has a tent-like roof with no wiper and heater, while its high-end model named “Kung” has a hardtop and costs an additional $5,000.

 video: Alex Rudoi/YouTube

source: Daily Mail UK