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Scared Of Riding A Roller Coaster? Meet A Slow-mo Version

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One of the most popular attractions in a theme park is the roller coaster. Roller coaster aficionados love the high speeds, the sudden drops, and the gravity defying loops.

But in Okayama City, Japan, this roller coaster is different from all the rest: it’s slow, designed for just two riders and is powered by the riders themselves. It’s only similarity to conventional roller coasters is that it can still be a scary ride as the rail tracks are still very much high above the ground.

Known as the SkyCycle, the ride requires the passengers to use the pedals in order to maneuver the ride, much like a bicycle. The rail tracks don’t have guardrails - the riders are only secured with seat belts.

So, do you have the guts to try the SkyCycle?

 video: nipotv/YouTube 

source: Weather