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Seal Loves Belly-Rub, Just Like A Puppy

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Although seals are not house pets, they are more likely closely related to dogs rather than to other ocean mammals like sharks and dolphins, according to KnowledgeNuts.

Diver Gary Greyson learned this first-hand while on vacation in Great Britain’s beautiful Isles Of Scilly.  He was swimming with some friends underwater when a friendly sea creature attempts to befriend him - an Atlantic gray seal.

Gary greets the seal by shaking hands after the seal rubs its nose on Gary’s face.  When Gary wins its trust, the friendly seal rolls and shows its belly. The diver responds by gently scratching the seal’s belly.

However, like dogs, they will defend themselves when hurt or threatened. ”Not all seals are like this, and if approached could well cause harm if they feel threatened due to their large size and very sharp teeth”, Ally McMillan, director of Seal Rescue Ireland, told The Huffington Post in an email. 

photo/video: Gary Grayson/YouTube 

source: The Huffington Post , KnowledgeNuts