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See The World In Less Than Four Minutes With This Spectacular Video By Walter Chang

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Walter Chang earned a degree in film and television at New York University. He worked as a full-time audio technician but after three years, he decided to quit his job and travel to Southeast Asia for three months.

During his intended short break, he decided to extend it for one year, which turned into two, and eventually lasted for three years.

In those 3 years, Walter visited 60 countries.  He shot captivating images, visited beautiful and amazing places, and met people of varied cultures.  He experienced riding on different modes of transportations from a Jumbo Tuktuk in Laos to a motorbike in Burkina Faso.  He hiked in many places including Salkantay in Peru, the Amazon Forest in Brazil, and Roraima in Venezuela.

Chang documented everything on Kickstarter, where he is planning to raise funds to write about his travel.  He said, "I went to Nepal and trekked to Everest Base Camp.  I did several self-drive safaris in southern Africa and fulfilled a childhood dream of seeing cheetahs.  In India I took in the wondrous sights and sounds of Varnasi.  One year became two. Two became three.  The endless travel felt like a drug-induced state.  Each strange new place was exhilarating — a rush of new experiences.  To keep costs down I hitchhiked and took 30 hour train rides throughout countries like China and India.  I slept in airports, camped, and couchsurfed.  I had bad moments as well.  I caught food poisoning several times, was robbed of everything in Chile, and nearly died when my car flipped over in the deserts of Namibia."

For his captivating images, you may visit his Instagram: wecallthishome or his Facebook: We Call This Home.

Watch the time-lapse video of Walter Chang as he travelled 60 countries in 3 years:

Image & Video: YouTube/Walter Chang 
Kickstarter/We Call This Home