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Sisyphus: The Coolest Coffee Table With Art In Motion

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“What music brings to your ears, Sisyphus brings to your eyes.” – Bruce Shapiro

This mesmerizing coffee table by Bruce Shapiro draws never-ending patterns on the sand. The amazing table is called “Sisyphus”, and is inspired by the Greek legend with the same name who was doomed to roll a rock up a mountain for all eternity.

Sisyphus is supported by a small Raspberry Pi computer and a two-motor robot called the “Sisbot”, which controls the movement of the metal ball on the sand. It has Wi-Fi feature that will let you connect to a network and manage the speed of play, table lighting, and create your own playlist using an application on your mobile.

This unique art piece/coffee table is now available in three designs: the end table, the three-foot table, and the four-foot hardwood table.

The project is now crowd funded at Kick Starter and they have already reached three times their goal. 


Image & Video: YouTube/INSIDER
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