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Slo-Mo Footage Of Bumble Bee Dislodging Pollen From Flowers

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Pollination is a very important part of a plants’s life cycle. Flowering plants produce seeds through the process of pollination.

Some flowers are pollinated with their own pollen grains and this is called self-pollination. Other plants like tomatoes, eggplants, and blueberries require cross-pollination. They need different pollen from other flowers of the same species for pollination.

Animals such as butterflies, some flies, hummingbirds, some wasps, nectar feeding bats, and bees are great pollinators.

Posted below in slow-motion is an interesting video by Smithsonian Channel showing a bumble bee extracting pollen from flowers.

 video: Smithsonian Channel /YouTube 

Sources: Pollinator ParadiseSmithsonian Channel /YouTube