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Snowstorm Jonas: Record Snow Produces New Sport- Snow Diving!

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Snowstorm Jonas hit the US Northeast this weekend but the record amount of snow did not stop people from going outside.  In fact, for this young lady, she put on her swimsuit attire and introduced us to snow diving.

Many Americans joining in the snow diving challenge.  For all the snow divers who accepted the challenge, a senior student named Courtney Marie of Shippensburg High School in Pennsylvania may deserve a medal for her form (and fearlessness of the cold and deep snow).

Wearing her black swimming costume, she dives into the deep snow in their back garden and disappears for a moment.

The video clip posted on her Instagram account and rakes up for more than 200K likes since it was posted.

 video: Courtney Marie via HeArT BrEaKer/YouTube 

sources: Courtney MarieHuffingtonpostMirror