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Spectacular Dream Ride In North America's West

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Feast your eyes on this beautiful video as Mike Hopkins takes an epic journey with his bike in places of sheer beauty.  He rides his bike surrounded by breathtaking views of mountains, desserts, oceans, glaciers and trails in the Western United States and Canada.

As he says on the video, “Yes, down I go in a world of speed, feeling limitless, alive, totally free.  Mountains at my back, earth at my feet, down I go... and oh, what a treat.  This is my dream, I'll make it for real, in a life where I see, hear and feel.  For now is my chance to seek and explore, dreams are meant for both sides of this door.  Life's a dream, so ride on."

The video is entitled “DreamRide” and takes the viewer to states such as Utah, Washington, California and British Columbia in Canada.  Produced by Juicy Studios and presented by Diamondback Bicycles, the video also features Diamond Back’s new Level Link trail bike, the Release.

YouTube/Diamondback Level Link