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Stray Cat Goes For Walks...Like a Dog

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Dogs and cats are usually enemies but the story of three dogs and a kitten prove that wrong.

Three huskies named Lilo, Infinity, and Miko have adopted Rosie, a stray cat, and adopted her as one their own.

Rosie was abandoned on the streets when she was 3 weeks old but she was rescued by three sisters named Thoa, Thi, and Tram Bui, owners of Lilo and Infinity.

The sisters and their cousin, Miko’s owner, had taken care of the neglected feline but they realized that Rosie needed animal parental care so they introduced Rosie to Lilo. Surprisingly, Lilo liked Rosie immediately and treated as if she was her own puppy. The other 2 huskies also help Lilo in raising their little friend. They cuddle and comfort her every day and consider her as a member of their family. Like a dog, Rosie goes out for walks too, with her family of huskies.

“They do everything together including sleep, eat and play”, Thoa Bui told ABC.

 video: wimpvideos/YouTube 

 video: Lilothehusky/YouTube