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Supermarket Of The Future: Never Leave Your Car

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Retail giants Walmart and Amazon have already been testing their drive-through supermarket concepts in which clients order goods before picking them up later when ready.  But customers have to pre-order between 2 hours and three weeks for the supermarket to prepare the goods.

Semenov Dahir Kurmanbievich’s invention attempts to eliminate that part about having to order in advance and he has already filed a patent for it.  His design aims to make shopping more convenient and improve the customer experience.

Here’s how it works:

Customers drive and find an available sections they drive in.  Then they choose the goods they want to buy from the rotating vertical elevator-type racks.  The racks hold different goods such as bread, fresh produce, milk, and canned goods. For more options, customers move on to the next set of goods by simply pressing a button, making the shelves rotate mechanically.

The selected goods will be sent through a conveyor belt toward the cashier, stationed just a few feet away. This means that while customers are still shopping, the items are already being bagged at the counter so customers don’t have to wait any longer when they are ready to pay their bill.

“The present invention is directed to solving the technical problem of improving the quality of customer service while ensuring maximum comfort choice of products, reduce time to customer service, exception queues, reduce time and costs in commercial enterprise associated with the filing and layout of goods in the sales area, where customers are located”, the inventor wrote on his patent application.

 video: Dahir Insaat/YouTube