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The Coolest Musical Instrument In The World

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The Sea Organ (Croatian: Morske Orgulje) is a unique musical instrument and architectural work located by the sea in Zadar, Croatia. One can hear a never-ending concert orchestrated by the sea. The movement of waves that pass thru pipes built under the concrete create the soothing musical notes.

Designed by Architect Nikola Basic with the help of expert Dalmatian stone carvers in 2005, this work of art is seventy-meters long with thirty five pipes underneath and whistle-holes located in the surface above.

The best time to visit is during sunset when the tides are high and the sounds emitted become louder. When the waves are flat and quiet, wait for a boat to pass by to hear music as the waves lap against the marble steps.

The Sea Organ was awarded and recognized by the European Prize for Urban Public Space.

Image & Video: YouTube/Flipian