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The Hidden Beauty Of Some Antique Books

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Many libraries around the world possess rare book collections. They take great care in preserving these precious antique books. We know the books provide a repository of the past or the practices and beliefs of that time.

But do you know that some of these books have something more to offer?

Cornell University Library posted a video on their Facebook page showing one of the historical books that they have. In the video, a librarian wearing gloves is cautiously inspecting a seemed to be an ordinary book with golden edges. But when the librarian carefully tilts the edges slightly, a wonderful painting hiding from the gilt edges appear.

This intricate design is called fore-edge painting and can be found in books that dated back to the 17th century. Around the 1750’s, fore-edge panting varied from simple decorative or heraldic designs to landscapes, portraits, and religious scenes which were often painted with full colors.

 video: Cornell University/YouTube 

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