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The Safest (And Non-Scariest) Way To Catch Spider

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After spending years chasing spiders with a vacuum cleaner or a rolled up newspaper, Irish entrepreneur Tony Allen invented the most innovative and environment-friendly way to catch spiders.

Dubbed as ‘My Critter Catcher’, Mr. Allen created it because his son is afraid of these tiny eight-legged creatures. Not wanting to kill or harm the spiders, he came up with a great idea to safely pick up the insect and release it outside their house.

This simple invention is perfect for those who suffer from arachnophobia. By squeezing the handle, the device’s bustled head captures a spider, scorpion, or any small insect without harming them.

According to its website, the highly acclaimed spider catcher has been featured in in several TV shows such as ITV’s This Morning Show, HGTV, Channel 4's Big Breakfast, and Tomorrow's World. It is also a Gold Medalist winner with distinction at the Geneva Inventors Show.

 video: INDSIDER/YouTube

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