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The Youngest Master Penman Creates Beautiful Art And Calligraphy

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When was the last time you used a pen and a paper to write a letter?  In this day and age, most of us would type a letter on a keyboard, using our laptop or computer.

Writing by hand, in the most intricate and beautiful way is a dwindling art form.  But there are still some people - just a select few - who exercise this craft.

Jake Weidmann is one of them.  A resident of Denver, Colorado, Jake always loved to write by hand and after spending many years to develop and hone his skills, he achieved the distinction of Master Penman through The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH) in July of 2011.

He exhibited his artistic talent at a young age.  He believed that everything that came from his hand had to be beautiful.  According to his mother, Janet, “He would be the last one to go out to recess because he took so long in writing his sentences”, she said in an interview.  Michael Sull, IAMPETH Director also says, “Jake is unique, his skill is amongst the highest of any living Penmen I know of today”.

There are only 12 Master Penmen in the whole world and Jake is the youngest Penman by three decades.

Posted below the wonderful artworks of Jake Weidmann.

Consuming Fire

art by Jake Weidmann 

Humming A Love Song

art by Jake Weidmann 


 art by Jake Weidmann 

Eagle's Prey


art by Jake Weidmann 


 art by Jake Weidmann 

Little Sparrow

 art by Jake Weidmann 

 art by Jake Weidmann 


art by Jake Weidmann 

From The Deep

 art by Jake Weidmann 


 art by Jake Weidmann 

All photos are copyrighted to 
Jake Weidmann 

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