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These Guys Will Surely Turn Your World Upside Down

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Jason Paul and Pavel Petkuns are skilled freerunners.  If you are not aware what freerunners do, they have the athletic skills of acrobats and create mind-bending tricks like the best Las Vegas illusionists.  They run, jump, climb, somersault from everyday objects, while performing their unique brand of tricks and illusions.  It leaves you thinking, “How did they do that?”

Given the above skills, there is still one other very important skill to make this video: a whole lot of creativity.  According to Redbull, “You need to be awesome at freerunning, approach everything you do from a gymnastic point of view with perfect timing and the perfect angle, and have the imagination to see how every shot, trick and stunt works.  Jason Paul and Pavel Petkuns have that in abundance”.

 Photo & Video Source: Redbull