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Think 5 Seconds Is Fast In Solving The Rubik's Cube? Someone Beat That Time

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A 14-year old boy from Kentucky established a new record for solving Rubik’s cube with a time of 4.904 seconds.

Lucas Etter was one of the participants in the River Hill Fall 2015 competition in Clarksville, Maryland.  His time beat the old record of 5.25 seconds by Collin Burns, which was set just last April in the Doylestown Spring 2015 competition.

The new record was confirmed by Guinness World Records.  Lucas becomes the first person to break the 5-second barrier in solving the 3x3 puzzle.

On the same day of competition, amazingly, the old record had already been broken first by Keaton Ellis with a time of 5.09 seconds but unfortunately for Keaton, Lucas’s time was faster than his.

Lucas also has a new record in solving the 2x2x2 Rubik’s Cube competition with a time of 1.51 seconds.

video: lucascube/YouTube

sources: Guinness World Records , World Cube Association