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This Fire Extinguisher Ball Can Save Your Life And Property

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The typical fire extinguisher is an emergency device used to extinguish or control small fires. However, it may not be advisable for use when the fire is starting to get out of control and you cannot direct the chemical to the base of the fire anymore.

The fire extinguisher ball may be the answer to this problem. Dubbed as “Elide Fire Ball”, this fire extinguisher innovation is a great concept in dealing with a real state of fire. Unlike the normal fire extinguisher, you don’t need to stay close to the fire base anymore. Simply throwing the ball into the base of the fire creates a blast and effectively disperses extinguishing chemicals within 3 seconds.

When a fire occurs and no one is around, this fire extinguisher ball automatically explodes when in contact with the fire and creates a loud noise that serves as an alarm. Because of its self-activation feature, it is also perfect to place in spaces such as electrical circuit breakers, kitchens, and any other fire prone areas.

According to its website, there is no special training needed to operate this fire extinguisher ball. Inspection and maintenance on the product are not required and its life span is up to 5 years.

The Elide Fire Ball was invented by a Thai national named Mr. Phanawatnan Kaimart. He was inspired to create the fire ball after he witnessed a devastating fire that killed lives in Royal Jomtien Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand. 

 video: Elide Israel/YouTube