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This Guy Transforms Logs Into A Wonderful Works Of Art

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Jordan Anderson, a sculptor based in Alaska grew up in a small town in Minnesota where he learned to appreciate the beauty of nature by fishing, hunting, and camping. He expressed his experience by sketching wildlife such as deer, bears, eagles, fish, and wolves and others when hunting season was over.

At the age of 11, his family, together with some friends, travelled to Alaska and they enjoyed observing sea life such seals, sea otters and pods of orcas.

In 2003, his family eventually moved to Alaska.  He spent most of his childhood building custom log homes with his dad.  His father taught him and his brother how to handle wood working tools.  One day, he met a guy who could carve a bear using a chainsaw.  He thought to himself that he should try it since he knew how to handle a chainsaw.

The very first sculpture he created was a 14 feet long and 3 feet thick orca.  It is still his largest work of art.  He followed it up with smaller works was given an opportunity to exhibit in a popular coffee shop in Anchorage.  Later, a couple from Wasilla, Alaska, requested him to carve two bears, making it his first custom sculpture order. He then started his custom sculpture and chainsaw carving business and named it Jordan's Custom Sculptures.

“A Sculpture is a memory, it’s a picture, a moment of imagined fantasy, it’s a new world of thought opened to the mind. I want to give the world more than just a recognizable shape. I want to give them a perspective of my art in every detail of my sculptures. My goal is to put a piece of my soul in each of my works.” - Jordan Anderson 

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