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This Japanese Kid Has Got Some Insane Yoyo Tricks

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The yoyo game was first invented in ancient Greece and became popular in the 1920’s. Also known as yo-yoing or bandalore, this ancient game has been a favorite pastime for many generations and cultures around the world.

One of the most favorite and popular tricks with a yoyo is called “walk a dog”. This is played by making a strong downward throw allowing the yoyo to roll on the floor surface before yanking it back. Modern players have taken it to the next level with their assortment of tricks and techniques that leave audiences in awe.

In the World Yoyo Contest 2015 held in Tokyo Japan, players displayed their spectacular yoyo tricks and one of the players who really shined in the said competition was Hajime Miura from Japan. Because of his insane tricks, he brought home the 1st place in the top 3A Division.

Facebook page posted the performance video of Hajime Miura and it is now circulating over the social media.

The video has over 31 million views now since it was uploaded.

YouTube/Hajime Miura