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This Man Is Being Paid By Companies Just To Ride His Gigantic Bicycle

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A former welder in Cuba has been riding his 19-feet tall bicycle in the streets of Havana for years now.

Felix Guirola, a 52-year old bicycle enthusiast, is not bothered by riding an unusual bike along the streets with lots of potholes, vehicles, pedestrians, and hanging electrical cables. Every time he ascends or descends from the customized bicycle, Guirola asks assistance from at least three people to hold the bike.

Guirola has been riding his bike in Old Havana and the Malecon promenade for years for pleasure and amusement but he also earns a small amount of money from tips. What inspired him to do this unusual endeavor was his disabled sister named Eneida, who died at the age of 33.

"I told her that one day, with my giant bike, I would make enough money to buy her everything she needed for her disability," Guirola told The Guardian. "Eneida is no longer around to see me, but I want to keep my promise. And if one day I win an award, I'll give part of the money to help disabled children in Cuba like my sister."

But it looks like the time has come. Early this year, some big companies have been contacting him and offering him money just to advertise their products while roaming the streets. One of the companies who contacted him was a Dutch energy drink company.

In the record of Guinness World Records, the tallest ridable bike measures 20 feet 2.5 inches tall by Richie Trimble from USA in 2013, slightly higher than Guirola’s bike.

 video: YouTube/CiberCuba 

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