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This Photo Studio In South Korea Makes Life-like Figurines Of Yourself

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These figurines are not your run of the mill superhero characters but are miniature life-like replicas of real people.

This latest trend in South Korea allows you to have your own “minime" figurine through a 3-dimensional (3D) printing technology process invented by a company called IOYS. IOYS transforms your pictures into a mini-statue of yourself. Pets can avail of the services too.

The company uses 100 units of Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras, fixed in different angles inside the studio. The cameras simultaneously photograph the subject to create 2-dimensional photos from many angles.

It takes a day to come up with the actual figurine.

"I really wanted a 3D figure of my son to show him when he's older what I can't capture in photos right now," customer named Lim Su-jung said. “He’s at the time in his life where he’s doing so many cute things”.

 video: YouTube/Hindustan Time 

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