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This Russian All-Terrain Vehicle Knows No Boundaries

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All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are designed for various terrains but this monster off-road vehicle from Russia has just taken it to another level.

Built by Russian truck manufacturer Avtoros, the Shaman 8x8 ATV is an amphibious 8-wheeler truck that goes thru extreme conditions that a regular ATV or a 4x4 wouldn’t even dream of tackling. By using its 8 threaded huge wheels, the monster machine easily overcomes obstacles such as swamps, deep mud, rocky roads, and steep terrain. Its built-in propeller powers the truck thru water.

The Shaman is powered by an Iveco F1C, 3.0 TD Horse Power diesel engine. It can hit a top speed of 43 miles per hour on land and 4 miles per hour on water. It measures 20 feet long, 8 feet wide and stands 9 feet. The 2.5 ton vehicle transports up to 1.5 tons of load .

What actually makes this vehicle one of a kind is not its brutish features but its excellent maneuvering capabilities. It has three mode steering operations: the on-road (front-wheel drive) which allows the vehicle to run at high speed mode, the off-road (active rear wheel steering) which is used for tighter turns and at low speed, and the crab mode (activate 8-wheel drive) which allows all the wheels to steer in synchronize mode.

 photo/video: YouTube/Vladimir Volkhonsky 

sources: GizmodoAvtoros