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This Sea Creature Appears Once In A Blue Moon And These Tourists Are Very Lucky

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Migaloo the humpback whale is a celebrity in Australia. First sighted in September 2011, he was then thought to be the only albino humpback whale. Since then, two albino calves have been spotted, and there is reason to believe he may have fathered them. (

(Watch these lucky people as they encounter a Migaloo)

Chris Jones / Youtube 

Another lucky guy filmed a rare White Harbor porpoise. In the past 100 years, only 15 White Harbor porpoise sightings have been reported. This rare animal is a shy creature and tends to shy away from people or boats. However, in this case, this beautiful animal shows unusual behavior as it swims close to a boat. Watch the video )

(watch the full video)

Peter Hofmann /Youtube