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This Table Crawls Like A Giant Tarantula When Pushed

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This table looks like ordinary furniture but you may ask why it was designed with so many legs.

The answer? When pushed, the table comes to life and simulates the crawling movement of a giant tarantula.

Dubbed the Walking Table, this eight-legged table was developed by Dutch industrial designer Wouter Scheublin. Scheublin spent a year in creating the first version but now, it only takes him 10 days to make a new one.

The complex mechanical cranks and linkages of the table, which allow the device to walk like a spider, is based on the work of Russian mathemetician Pafnuty Chebyshev, the Chebyshev's Lambda Mechanism. 

 photo/video: YouTube/INSIDER 

Walking chair is available for sale on Scheublin's website.

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