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This Tsunami Machine Helps The Netherlands Build Its Flood Defense

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Sorry surfers but you cannot ride the highest man-made waves in The Netherlands.

Deltare, an independent research institute in the field of water and subsurface, created a 984-foot long canal that can generate giant waves with its hydraulic pumps.

The impressive invention is called the Delta Flume and was recently inaugurated in Delft, Netherlands.

The machine can generate 30-foot waves and was built to help create more efficient defenses against flood and soil erosion.

According to Citylab, the devastating storm surge that hit Netherlands in 1953 which killed roughly 2,000 people and forced hundreds of thousands of residents to evacuate, inspired researchers to discover solutions against flooding.

Since then, the country has continuously invested heavily in research and technology in dealing with flood defense.

video: swike pedes/YouTube 

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