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Tiny Bicycle Camper Doubles In Size When Unfolded

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Entrepreneur Mads Johansen from Denmark is the inventor of an extraordinary light mobile camper mounted on a bicycle.

The Wide Path Camper, as it is called, has a folding mechanism in which the length extends to double its original size. Weighing less than 100 lbs., it can be transported easily and only takes three minutes to set up.

In addition, the camper provides shelter and has enough space for 2 adults and 1 small child with its comfortable bed. Its exterior space can accommodate up to four adults for dining purposes.

An optional feature includes solar cells to charge mobile phones and other small gadgets.

“The main intention with the camper was to offer the comfortable bicycle holiday, and show that you don't need a car to bring a bit of luxury”, Johansen told Bicycling magazine.

video: Sam Garfield/YouTube

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