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Tips On How To Have A Good Quality Of Sleep

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Some people have trouble sleeping due to work schedules, age, jet lag, stress, too much alcohol or caffeine intake, or sleeping disorders. Lack of sleep may lead to memory loss, lack of focus, concentration, or motivation.

It’s understandable that having enough sleep is beneficial. We have been told that we need to have at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night to perform well the following day. But according to Vox, a news website, the quantity of hours of sleep is what only matters - it is the quality as well.

Vox shares their tips on how to have a good quality of sleep.

First, you have to cool down your room. The best sleep happens when the surrounding environment is 65 degrees Fahrenheit. You may sleep faster also when you warm your body up by taking a warm shower . A slight dropping of your body temperature may induce dizziness and makes you fall sleep easily.

Second, you need to understand the power of lights. An hour before bed, turn off screens and dim lights. This signals your brain to prepare for a sleep.

Finally, if you really want to have a good sleep, include herbs in your sleeping routine. You can either breathe lavender oil before sleep or put a lavender pillow on your eyes while you sleep. According to research, there is a positive effect of essential oils in sleeping and lavender is the most frequently used oil.

 video: Vox/YouTube